Mr. Immortal

What’s Mr. Immortal?

Mr. Immortal was created by Craig Hollis. From early youth, the cosmic thing Deathurge would induce him to kill himself; nevertheless, his deaths have been constantly prevented somehow. In one such event, Deathurge told Craig to put his home on fire and hide within it. This could be the final time he’d visit Deathurge in his youth. He had been embraced. His new dad was violent and alcoholic and had a girl called Terri. 1 afternoon, but she committed suicide, leaving him a letter. Deatherage subsequently appeared, demonstrating to Craig he had been real and that he wasn’t his youth friend. He learned that he couldn’t die. Recognizing his potential, he instantly started to fight crime. But he had been taken. He determined that a group could be a fantastic idea. Due to himself, his abilities aren’t as useful. Bertha did not enjoy how Craig behaved when he’d drink, and Craig awakened with her one night. Afterward, Craig requested his buddy Mike to bury him at the Peninsula for a year so he’d have time for himself to think about what he wanted from his lifetime. Mike would deliver Craig water once each week, feeding him via a pipe sticking from the floor. Craig agreed to rejoin the group with Flatman as chief. His famous quote/punchline is: “Whatever you are threatening me is dying, and death is exactly what I do best!” Powers and Abilities Mr. Immortal’s energy is accurate immortality, meaning he cannot be killed in any way. It is uncertain how he comes back to life since it never reveals him, but afterward, being murdered, he resurrects nearly immediately. This capacity appears to be unconscious because he’s attempted to commit suicide on several occasions, only to drift away unscathed afterward. He’s been burnt, cut, shot, and had a remote controller pushed to his mind from Deadpool and lived to tell the narrative. But, Deathurge clarified to him that he isn’t a Homo exceptional but has evolved past passing. He’s a Homo ultimate. He also clarified that he’d live into the end of the world, and the one that to that its closing secret will be shown. Mr. Immortal has attempted suicide several times and has given comeback into life, apparently with no injuries. If Craig is permitted to fight instantly after the resurrection from death, his attacks are intense, nearly to a berserker level. Here’s a listing of ways he’d tried to kill himself :
  • Automated gunfire
  • Hurdling himself out of top buildings
  • Radiation
  • burning
  • Being crushed
  • Numerous gunshots
  • decapitation
  • explosions
  • dynamite
  • implement
  • drowning
  • Taking mad amounts of deadly substances
  • energy blasts
  • alcohol poisoning
He’s no other forces than his immortality, but he’s an above ordinary bungee fighter and acrobat.

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How to Download Tumblr Videos and GIFs to iPhone (3 Easy Ways)

Browsing Tumblr may be a lot of fun. You will likely encounter many funny GIFs and fail videos which will make you laugh all day long. The one issue with the Tumblr app is that you can not take it with you to places where Wi-Fi isn’t accessible, or your data strategy is limited.
GIFs may be bearable since they’re brief and compressed into the lowest size possible. However, as for click here , this can be a hassle for people who doesn’t have unlimited mobile data on the go.
In this tutorial, I will present you with different techniques you can use to learn how to download Tumblr videos for your iPhone for offline viewing. Think about a scenario where you’re stuck on a long car ride nothing to do. Going through your endless Camera Roll videos would be fun right?
Tyblr is a free application from the App Store which permits you to navigate Tumblr and download Tumblr videos directly to your Camera Roll.
Not to mention, it can also save pictures. Tyblr will present you with two distinct feeds. One called Photo and another one called Video. You can change back and forth whenever you desire.
To download a movie or photograph from Tumblr:
Login using your Tumblr accounts
Scroll through your feed.
Under every article There’ll be a”Save” button at the bottom right hand corner
Tap on it and It’ll start downloading this chosen post (make it a photo or movie )

To assess if it is working correctly, open your Pictures app and you should see the photo or video you downloaded in Tumblr.
Assuming that you have a jailbroken device, there’s a jailbreak tweak known as Dwnldr that lets you save any videos from Tumblr directly to your Camera Roll. You don’t even have to experience any third-party programs from the App Store.

Open Cydia and wait for it to reload All of the repository and packages
Go into the BigBoss Shop and Search for Dwnldr. You can also use the Search function to locate it
This is a paid Cydia tweak and so you have to buy it to your Install choice to be visible
Once you purchased the package, tap on Install and Restart Springboard
Once you go through the installation procedure, simply open the official Tumblr app right away since there are no options to configure.
A popup will appear asking whether you want to save the clip to the Camera Roll of your iPhone or Dwnldr Video Vault.
When choosing Camera Roll, you can quickly grab the video and upload it into other sites. The vault is there to assist you store your videos inside the Tumblr program.
And that is how you can certainly download Tumblr videos onto your iPhone or even iPad without third-party App Store apps.
Should you prefer to do everything out of your personal computer, DreDown is the most suitable choice. In addition, this website also supplies other video downloaders for a few of the most well-known resources such as YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud.
The practice is quite easy, and you’ll be able to follow the steps below.
Go on Tumblr and find the movie you want to download
Duplicate its URL and paste it here
Once you Get the video file (MP4 format), use iTunes or comparable instrument to import it in your iPhone
Download tumblr video
A fair warning

Keep in mind that downloading movies from Tumblr is not always secure because you are able to enter copyright problem especially when discussing those videos on other social networks. This is only one of the many reasons why the app itself doesn’t supply a built-in Download button.
So long as you understand the substances which you’re downloading has nothing to do with these”copyright” and legal things, then everything should be fine.

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Save name: Load Airpods Pro (DHGate) Save description: This DHGATE store carries the latest replicas of the I12 TWS series of Airpods. We have ordered from them twice and they are delivered very quickly. Please note that only the DHGATE seller sends the super copies with VALID serial numbers. GEN2 – Airpods Super Copy $39.99 AP3 – Airpods Pro Super copy $50.99 (Check our chatbot for valid DHgate coupons!) With the introduction of Apple Airpods 2, the desire to buy the product has also increased. The wireless AirPods have a very slim and fitting design and are currently on everyone’s lips. Um, wait… Airpods Pro has been released, so no more fake Airpods 2, okay! Here is this review, we bring you the latest updates on what’s happening in Shenzhen China, as well as the latest development of these amazing fake Airpods found in 2020. Buy fake Airpods Pro We shipped from 2 vendors as below – one from Aliexpress and one from DHGate. Both sellers are good. date is cheaper and you can also use vouchers! You can find vouchers in the chatbot. Aliexpress Fake Airpods Pro copy We were able to talk to a supplier who produced one of the best chipsets for Airpods Pro Super copy, the 1536u chip. This is the video we shot. If you want to catch the trend and get one to try out, here’s the CONNECTION. (The price has dropped to $50+…) This is one of the better chipsets I’ve been asking about – it consists of the Heng Xuan chipset, which is similar to the Aroha chipset. JULY 2020 Update: Upgrade of the chipset by Aliexpress vendors. THE STOCK IS IMPROVED WITH BETTER STABILITY FOR AIR CAPSULES PER SUPER COPY If you want to clone high-quality Airpods Pro, this supplier of *DHGATE HERE however has the latest Airoha 1536U with noise reduction (not 100% squelch). This includes the iOS transparency feature. There is one important thing to keep in mind: DHGATE sellers can send by direct shipping. They can also send by DHL. GEN 2: Airpods 2 Super copy, GEN 3: Airpods Pro Super copy We recommend this shop if you send the following more than 3 pieces. They can only be shipped with DHL. Currently, the fast shipping works much faster and better than the normal shipping. Normal shipping can now take 8-12 weeks due to Covid19. (WITH EMBOSSED APPLE LOGOS) GEN 3 (MOST STABLE) – $50.99 Check out store *Use the DHGATE voucher codes available on our chatbot We have spoken to them and they have confirmed the features. Also, the price is about 50 USD. *Please ignore the pictures, as the dhgate portal is very strict about placing pictures similar to AirPods pro. Disclaimer of liability: We have tested these products and there are some good products you can get. We will soon publish a video about this AirPods pro clone. Things don’t make sense as described above. Cheap Airpods pro as above is NO NO! $25 for fake Airpod pro? or 15 USD? Scroll up and check out the link we have for it. Let me show you the air pods we received when we ordered this. These cheap AirPods under $20 are the worst. Bad connection. Please note that this is a gimmick for the seller to either get rid of his bad stocks or simply increase his sales profile. So if you decide to buy Airpods Pro Super copy, you have to be very careful. You must be aware that most of the so-called “good sellers” will increase their sales and reviews. So keep in mind that not all reviews or sales you see on Aliexpress are fake. Even if the picture illustrates that this Airpods Pro clone is made of a 1536 chip, it may not be! So the best way is to buy from a reputable seller, as we have recommended. Due to the coronavirus in China, logistics could be affected. There will be a delay for all shipments from China. – Jessica from Bestaliproducts Why buy fake Airpods? The main problem with buying the genuine Apple Airpods is their high price. If you have a limited budget, AliExpress offers you a complete replica of the product at a very low effective price and with some extra features. These FAKE AIRPODS are easily available, can be shipped worldwide and have a wide range of functions and features. 1. i9000 Max TWS (all NEW) Introduced in December 2019, the i9000 Max TWS costs less than 30 dollars. This model is an upgrade of the i9000 tws introduced in July, and we have placed this model as #1 for the following reasons. Yes, they can’t beat Supercopies (see below), but their price range is the best. They also have the latest GPS + RENAME features. Price: $25.99 15 Features of i9000 MAX TWS 1. name change + GPS positioning 2. support for a wide range of wireless chargers 3. intelligent sensor for in-ear detection 4. support pop-up windows (IOS), open the lid 5. 3 Display of the batteries 6th upgrade of the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the performance is improved, 12 meters is not stuck & continuous 7. left and right ear/single ear can be swapped at will, breaking the main rules of TWS headphones, so that each earphone can be used separately with two earphones that can be connected to different mobile phones at the same time 8. one button Smart Tap, binaural call 9. call to listen to songs for 3-4 hours, long battery life 10. immediately ready for use automatic boot process / automatic pairing 11. perfectly compatible with iOS/Android and all mobile phones 12. metal hinge 13. reversing magnet cover 14. high quality speaker 15th HIFI Super Sound Bass Quality We really liked the battery capacity. Not only me, but all reviews speak well about the longer use. I used to have 2 Airpod clones with me when I was on the road, but now I only use this i9000 Max TWS. Before that we checked i500 tws. There are 2 versions of i500 TWS. One comes with a cheap chipset that costs less than $20, the other with the better chipset. Price: $25,99 2. airpods super copy 1:1 Here comes the review of the official Apple Earpods W1 and the H1 chip clone, which is 100% similar to the real Apple Earpods. The exact 1:1 Super Copy Air Pods are now available! You get Same size Same key Siri call Automatic coupling 8-pin charging connector Same charging cable Below is a top shop on DHGATE that offers this Airpods 2 clone with animation in retail. This series is very stable and works amazingly well. If you are the person who does not want the W1 or H1 chip to show up, this is the best you can get. Sometimes the fewer functions you have, the better. Price: $39.99 (GPS + rename functions)* Gen2 (DHGate seller who ships in bulk with DHL) *Look in our chatbot as we have coupon codes for DHGates. JULY UPDATE: Sellers have available stock Gen-2 Airpod clone – Best counterfeit Airpods The product is slightly more expensive than the i200 TWS. But the structure of the Airpod clone is 100%! The box, the lighting cable, the 2 x mini Bluetooth headphones. These are the exact copies with the highest quality available on the market today. Enough with the POOR BUTTON CONTROL! Choose the Airpods 2 Super Copy! Wireless Charging Airpods 1:1 Supercopy is available from $39. Want the latest sound system with an automatic pop-up? Here’s Airpods 2 SuperCopy version 2, launched after Airpods 2 was released in 2019. The best feature is the POP UP! Check it out: All you have to do is open the lid, and after a second, the w1 chip pop-up animation will instantly appear on your Apple iPhone. Connected and you can listen to your music immediately. Vola! Price: $39.99 (GPS + rename functions)* Gen2 (DHGate seller shipping in bulk with DHL) *Coupon codes available on our chatbot Product is confirmed by us, which was made from 1536u chip. (H1 CHIP) We managed to open and check the chipset when we got our hands on this piece of Airpods 2 Supercopy. *Check out our chatbot as we have coupon codes for DHGates.   5 Good things about H1-Chip Airpods 2 Clone Headsets with the integrated pair of H1 chips connect quickly to Apple devices and automatically connect when a pair of compatible wireless earphones is turned on. Connectivity is reliable and would not cause frequent signal dropouts. Improved power efficiency with longer battery life. Easy battery life verification The best of all replicas and clones in terms of audio bass Case for wireless charging or non-wireless charging *Latest H1 chip airpods 2 Exact super copy Price: $39.99 (GPS + rename functions) (Aliexpress seller) Price: $39.99 (GPS + rename functions)* Gen2 (DHGate seller that ships in bulk and is marked with the apple logo) *Look in our chatbot as we have coupon codes for DHGates. Check with the seller for shipping options when ordering in BULK. (They ship very fast!) It costs a little more than in other shops, but you can be happy and satisfied if the products arrive much faster. The shape of the box looks like everything is identical to the real Apple earplugs, because the box over here has the boardcoat, everything is identical to a real product, even the Apple logo is on this page and the same goes for this page. Please make sure that sellers sell the LATEST 1536 chipset when they buy Supercopy Aipods 2! This product will sell out very quickly at this price. Sincerely, see link to grab this quickly! Made from the best chipset – Airoha 1536u. If you don’t want the apple logo printed, this is the best choice. 3. i12 TWS *improved version for budget conscious people @ i12 TWS Review (Cheap Airpods) This Bluetooth wireless headset i12 is a replica of the Bluetooth wireless Airpod 2. i12 is the best wireless earpiece after i10, which was launched in January 2019. Now they have improved the touch function, Bluetooth and battery charger. The i12 tws Pro version cost a little more. There is better 3D surround sound with double cavity sound holes. This wireless Bluetooth headset is equipped with a charging box ( storage box ). Price: $11.35 These mini Bluetooth stereo earplugs are completely waterproof and have a USB port. Based on the principle of dynamic vocalism, these Air Pod replicas work with a 32 ohm resistor and a built-in microphone. What makes this man stand out is the combination of the features of the i10 TWS and i11 TWS. The intelligent control of the i11 TWS and the wireless charging of the i10, this is the latest Air Pod replica to date. One reason why we chose this seller is that these Airpods are really a bargain. I personally bought them in this store and they ship quickly. I love the quality, love the features. Nothing to complain about. Higher price than other sellers, but buy without frills. Under 20, you can’t expect more! Price: $11.35 #There’s this pro version with pop-up. You can click on the link to get more information. 4. i20, i30, i60, i80, i100, i200, i500, i1000, i9000 TWS (further development of the TWS series) They have all the above-mentioned characteristics. Wireless charging, 1:1 size, 3 hours playing time, good bass, W1 chip pop up… Even though there are not many sellers left who review these reviews, we prefer to keep these old reviews so you know how fake airpods have evolved. Please note that there are not many sellers who sell these old models now. i20 TWS is like the super copy version with W1 chip. The only part that is better is the price. It costs less than 40usd compared to the previous model of 60+. Let us emphasize this again. This is by far one of the best TWS models that will be available in April 2019. Please have a look at the pictures and feedback below. Feedback The sound quality may not be as good as with supercopies The earplugs are made of plastic and it is thicker than the super copy and the real air capsules This version is definitely better than the i14 TWS Good shipping from seller, 14 days to Holland, 8 days to Asia. No LED lights on the earplugs Sound quality better than i12 TWS and i13 TWS As we can see from most feedback and our own use, i120 TWS seems to be your best choice. Another version with wireless charging! We haven’t tested the i60 yet, and this i80tws is being launched. Oh my goodness! They all have similar features to Airpods 2. Pop-up animation Wireless charging box Fantastic sounding bass 1:1 ear button Similar green light on the front of the box (same exact location as Real Airpods 2) Displays the battery life (improved version of i60 tws) i60 tws cannot display the actual battery life. However, please take note of this. We have noticed a significant difference – the pop-up animation is not as fast as the super-copy. Still, this is a good buy in June 2019, here’s the link to it. i100 TWS (release mid June 2019) Is it worth chasing after the latest model? We don’t think so. After discussions with some suppliers in Shenzhen, we found out that the internal Bluetooth chip is the most important component of an Airpod. i20-i100 tws are just improvements. Each vendor will make their own name to bring out different versions. So please do not hunt. i200 TWS Another new model launched within just 2 weeks after i100 TWS. Now we find this model special because it really shows the battery level. This feature is not seen in the previous models! Most of the above mentioned models do have a battery level, but they do not work. Another great feature is the ear sensor. This feature appears in the supercopy, but not in the earlier TWS models. As soon as the Earpod is inserted into the ear hole, the sound is directed from a connected device to switch seamlessly to the Airpods. No links for all of the above as most TWS models have expired. Factories in China no longer manufacture them. We prefer to use the Supercopy version of Airpods 2 below The price is $39.99, but it is much more stable! You can find the GEN2 version of this DHGATE shop here. Things to distinguish the different TWS Airpods models When you buy a Bluetooth set, ask the seller if the chip is made of Airoha. If so, it’s a good buy if the Airpod is under $30. The Airoha chip is made in Taiwan and is available in 5.0 Bluetooth technology. This most closely matches the REAL AIRPOD 2 H1 CHIP. The chip is usually called 1536u! There are many variations, but this is the best one. If you are not sure if the seller sells this type of chipset, check out our links above. We guarantee that the seller’s chipset is 100% authentic. #5 – Black Air Capsules Fake? Not really. We love matt black, and blacks are the right way for trendy people who love BLACK. Yes! Black. 2 models – Black Airpods pro and black Airpods i9000 tws.

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The Lancaster Grill

The Lancaster Grill is now open at 512 East Main Street (740) 654-8237. Email [email protected] Open 11 AM Monday-Sunday. Crabby and friend tried out Lancaster Grill today. They feature Mediterranean, Greek, Italian, and American Cuisine. Since we were just there for lunch my companion tried out the Gyro Pita ($5.25). I tried out the Spicy Chicken Kopanisti ($6.50). The regular gyro had very generous slices of gyro meat (roasted seasoned lamb), lettuce, onions, banana peppers with garlic sauce wrapped in a fresh pita. The gyro was very large and was easily enough for a human being. I tasted the meat and it was very tasty. The gyro was served with chips. My Spicy Chicken Kopanisti was grilled chicken, spicy feta dip, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers and garlic sauce in a fresh pita. It was VERY GOOD! It was a bit too messy for me to eat like a sandwich so I ate it with a fork. Again, enough for a human being, even if they like to eat like I do. This gyro was also served with chips. The decor has not changed much (if any) from the restaurant’s former Mauger days – 1960s style dated and passe nautical theme. In my opinion the decor could be updated a bit – but they are just opening. Service was a bit slow, but I was in no hurry so it did not bother me much today. I am looking forward to exploring the menu further. If the rest of the food is as good as today’s lunch I anticipate that this restaurant will be a regular on my list. I heard other patrons commenting on how good the food was. I thought the prices were quite reasonable.

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Teriyaki,Teriyaki Delivered

If Only Teriyaki Delivered!

A list has been released by (a British carryout portal) of the ten dishes that have the most aphrodisiac ingredients.  They are:
  1. Thai Green Curry – contains spices such as cardamom, ginseng, garlic, ginger and other ingredients such as basil, lemongrass and asparagus, all widely believed by many to enhance sex drive and libido
  2. Hot and Spicy Pizza – particularly ‘spicy’ when topped with tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, olives, spicy meatballs and chilli peppers, all of which are aphrodisiacal ingredients.
  3. Chicken Korma – particularly potent, with its blend of coconut, garlic, chilli, ginger and almonds, all of which are said to particularly improve sex drive in females.
  4. Seafood Laksa – (Chinese Noodle Dish) – contains coconut milk, ginger, garlic, basil and onions, sure to get her in the mood
  5. Mole Poblano – Mexican takeaway that combines chilli peppers, almonds, garlic, tomatoes and chocolate to create a potent Latin aphrodisiac meal.
  6. Sushi – wasabi, well known in the East for its aphrodisiac properties wrapped with lemongrass, ginger and seaweed is a sumptuous yet affordable takeaway filled with aphrodisiac ingredients
  7. Chicken Tikka Masala – Britain’s favourite takeaway contains many ingredients with aphrodisiac properties, such as onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes.
  8. Spicy Balinese Curry – Indonesian dish cooked in coconut milk and made with lemongrass, garlic and ginger.
  9. Spicy Meatballs and Pasta – available for takeaway in bigger cities, the blend of tomatoes, garlic and meatballs plus the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ sensuality of the pasta makes this Italian dish a great aphrodisiacal treat
  10. King Prawns with Ginger and Spring Onions – this Chinese meal not only contains the aphrodisiac prawn but ginger and onion too, both believed to increase libido.

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So Why is Chrysler Included in the Bailout?

Ford and GM are publicly owned companies. Yjeir stock is owned by many, many pension plans and individual investors. As such their books are open to the public. Chrysler, on the other hand is 20% owned by the German automaker Daimler. The other 80% is owned by Cerberus Capital Management. Since Chrysler is a privately owned company it’s books and financial statements are not open to the public. Despite 80% ownership in Chrysler Cerberus has refused to inject more cash into the company. If the owner won’t inject cash then why the heck should the taxpayers bail them out? Why are we bailing out a private company? Politicians involved in Cerberus: John Snow – GW Bush’s second Secretary of the Treasury is the Chairman. Former VP Dan Quayle runs an International Unit.

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