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Mr. Immortal

What’s Mr. Immortal?

Mr. Immortal was created by Craig Hollis. From early youth, the cosmic thing Deathurge would induce him to kill himself; nevertheless, his deaths have been constantly prevented somehow. In one such event, Deathurge told Craig to put his home on fire and hide within it. This could be the final time he’d visit Deathurge in his youth. He had been embraced. His new dad was violent and alcoholic and had a girl called Terri. 1 afternoon, but she committed suicide, leaving him a letter. Deatherage subsequently appeared, demonstrating to Craig he had been real and that he wasn’t his youth friend. He learned that he couldn’t die. Recognizing his potential, he instantly started to fight crime. But he had been taken. He determined that a group could be a fantastic idea. Due to himself, his abilities aren’t as useful. Bertha did not enjoy how Craig behaved when he’d drink, and Craig awakened with her one night. Afterward, Craig requested his buddy Mike to bury him at the Peninsula for a year so he’d have time for himself to think about what he wanted from his lifetime. Mike would deliver Craig water once each week, feeding him via a pipe sticking from the floor. Craig agreed to rejoin the group with Flatman as chief. His famous quote/punchline is: “Whatever you are threatening me is dying, and death is exactly what I do best!” Powers and Abilities Mr. Immortal’s energy is accurate immortality, meaning he cannot be killed in any way. It is uncertain how he comes back to life since it never reveals him, but afterward, being murdered, he resurrects nearly immediately. This capacity appears to be unconscious because he’s attempted to commit suicide on several occasions, only to drift away unscathed afterward. He’s been burnt, cut, shot, and had a remote controller pushed to his mind from Deadpool and lived to tell the narrative. But, Deathurge clarified to him that he isn’t a Homo exceptional but has evolved past passing. He’s a Homo ultimate. He also clarified that he’d live into the end of the world, and the one that to that its closing secret will be shown. Mr. Immortal has attempted suicide several times and has given comeback into life, apparently with no injuries. If Craig is permitted to fight instantly after the resurrection from death, his attacks are intense, nearly to a berserker level. Here’s a listing of ways he’d tried to kill himself :
  • Automated gunfire
  • Hurdling himself out of top buildings
  • Radiation
  • burning
  • Being crushed
  • Numerous gunshots
  • decapitation
  • explosions
  • dynamite
  • implement
  • drowning
  • Taking mad amounts of deadly substances
  • energy blasts
  • alcohol poisoning
He’s no other forces than his immortality, but he’s an above ordinary bungee fighter and acrobat.

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