The Lancaster Grill

The Lancaster Grill is now open at 512 East Main Street (740) 654-8237. Email [email protected] Open 11 AM Monday-Sunday. Crabby and friend tried out Lancaster Grill today. They feature Mediterranean, Greek, Italian, and American Cuisine. Since we were just there for lunch my companion tried out the Gyro Pita ($5.25). I tried out the Spicy Chicken Kopanisti ($6.50). The regular gyro had very generous slices of gyro meat (roasted seasoned lamb), lettuce, onions, banana peppers with garlic sauce wrapped in a fresh pita. The gyro was very large and was easily enough for a human being. I tasted the meat and it was very tasty. The gyro was served with chips. My Spicy Chicken Kopanisti was grilled chicken, spicy feta dip, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers and garlic sauce in a fresh pita. It was VERY GOOD! It was a bit too messy for me to eat like a sandwich so I ate it with a fork. Again, enough for a human being, even if they like to eat like I do. This gyro was also served with chips. The decor has not changed much (if any) from the restaurant’s former Mauger days – 1960s style dated and passe nautical theme. In my opinion the decor could be updated a bit – but they are just opening. Service was a bit slow, but I was in no hurry so it did not bother me much today. I am looking forward to exploring the menu further. If the rest of the food is as good as today’s lunch I anticipate that this restaurant will be a regular on my list. I heard other patrons commenting on how good the food was. I thought the prices were quite reasonable.


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